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Re: impulse run

Dear Tertia,

>     Thank you for your e-mails about OCMIP Phase B.  Could you
>  remind me where the impulse CO2 runs fit into all this?   Am I
>  already late?  Or has it been dropped.  As I think I mentioned
>  to you, I did the run this summer but there were a couple of
>  small things about it which worried me, and I was hoping to repeat
>  it on the new computer (which arrived in September) before sending
>  it to you.  The conversion to Fortran 90 has been a bit rocky
>  however, and I haven't had a chance to do that yet.  Are you 
>  in a hurry for those results?  Please let me know if I am 
>  holding you up.

Yes, you are very late.  Unfortunately, so are we all!  I should have
been more insistent about asking for output from these runs.  I guess
I find it difficult to keep sending reminders.

Regardless, these pulse runs for both C-14 and CO2 were originally
slated as something essential for the OCMIP comparison.  They offer a
very straightforward means to compare models.  They are still
important.  Thus we really need these model results.  If anyone has
any questions about how the pulse runs should be run, see the OCMIP
guidelines for phase B.

In short, the pulse simulations have not been dropped, they are
part of phase B, and they would be very useful (and simple) to

Of equal interest are the future CO2 simulations S450 and S650.  Aside
from yourself, I have not received this phase B output from anyone.
This output will be of great interest to determine how models
agree during later periods.  I'm confident that these differences will
be much larger than during the 1980's.  Prior to OCMIP, my analysis of
the global CO2 uptake estimates from 3-D models participating in the
IPCC comparison (Enting, Wigley, and Heimann, 1994, CSIRO Tech. Paper 31) 
revealed huge differences between models for such future scenarios.

All OCMIP participants:  Please do send me your pulse model
results and your S450 and S650 runs as soon as possible!

Best regards,  Jim

P.S.  Regarding, Jorge's mail asking why I hadn't responded to your
      question earlier, please forgive me.  I've been rather inundated
      with e-mail lately.  In fact, over the past two days I have done
      nothing else but read and answer e-mail.  I'm wondering if "ocmip-all",
      might ever help lighten my e-mail load, i.e., by allowing fuller 
      participation in OCMIP-related discussions.    Thus everyone,
      please send your mail to ocmip-all, and NOT to me, if appropriate.
      And don't hesitate to join in the discussion.  That's what ocmip-all
      was created for!