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OCMIP standard alkalinity?

Hello Everyone.

I have been using a formula for alkalinity in my OCMIP runs which
came from various emails with people, and which Nick Taylor used, which

    Salinity * 2374 / 34.78
    Salinity in 0/00 , alkalinity in micro eq. per kg.
I can't help noticing that in Takahashi et al,Scope 16 'Carbon Cycle
Modelling', 1981, p282, that 2374 is the salinity-adjusted GEOSECS value
for the whole volume of the ocean. The salinity adjusted value for the
surface (top 50m in this case) is 2311.

Can anyone explain why 2374 is the value to use and not 2311 in the equation
above. Using the latter would surely reduce uptake of anthropogenic CO2
by several 10s of % ??

By the way, can anyone suggest some good references on alkalinity in the ocean,
in particular, sensitivity of CO2 uptake and how well BIOGEOCHEM. models
reproduce surface alkalinity.

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