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More on alkalinity

Hello OCMIP people,

Thanks to everyone who replied to my alkalinity query.
It would seem that 2311*S/34.78 ueq/kg is a more reasonable expression
to use for surface alk than 2374*S/34.78.

As high latitude alkalinities are significantly higher than lower latitudes
does this imply a strong alkalinity component to the solubility pump? 

krom some very simple calculations using:

High latitude  T=5C S=35o/oo ALK=2370ueq/kg
Low latitude   T=25 S=35o/oo ALK=2285ueq/kg

I find that the potential surface TCO2 high-low lat difference is enhanced
by 40% over the case where both high and low lat alkalinities are 2310ueq/kg.
Hence getting the surface alkalinity distribution right could significantly
affect solubility pump calculations.

Any comments?


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