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Positive definite advection schemes


Subject: On the merits of positive definite advection schemes.

Nothing to do with alkalinity...!!

I have a little meeting this afternoon at which to decide whether or not
to use valuble time of a new carbon cycle person in updating the Met Office
ocean advection scheme from the old Cox centred differencing to something
positive definite and more sophiticated, such as the MOM 'quick' or some
FCT scheme.

Has anyone any opinion as to the importance of such a scheme for ocean
carbon cycle modelling. Who still uses the old Cox, or similar advection?

Has anyone experience of a good way of improving the Cox advection?

At present, my biology handles the inevitable negative tracer concentration
values by setting growth etc to zero. This seems to work much better than
'resetting tracer upto zero' which I have found to cause large spurious sources
of nutrient etc, especially in the eastern equatorial Pacific.

Any answers would be most useful before 14:00 UT (sorry, thats a bit short
notice for the US!)


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