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Yamanaka rain ratio


Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong in these thoughts on
the rather low calcite:POC rain ratios suggested by Yamanaka in
his thesis and paper in GBC, June 1996 ...

If export production of carbon          = E
  and carbon to nitrogen Redfield ratio = j ~ 6.625
  and export POC / calcite rain ratio   = R ~ 0.06? 0.25?

Rate of loss of alkalinity from the surface, (assuming nitrate uptake
is simultaneous with export)...

dALK/dt = E/j - 2.E.R    (ie nitrate uptake minus twice carbonate loss)
        = E( 1/j - 2R)

Thus if R is less than 1/2j, ie about 0.075, the surface change in
alkalinity due to growth and export is positive, not negative. Thus
deep water would have lower, not higher alkalinity than surface water.

In his thesis, Yamanaka suggested R~0.04 to 0.06.
In the GBC paper R is suggested to be 0.06 to 0.08, except in the
abstract where it is 0.08 to 0.1.


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everyone can have a laugh.

Thanks for any help,
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