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Re: Yamanaka rain ratio

Dear Dr. Jonathan,


You notice a very good point!    At a depth of 100m,
in my model, as E/j - 2.E.R. > 0, alkalinity increase
with an increase of E, as you pointed out.  With taking care,
please look at the observed distribution of alkalinity,
e.g., GEOSECS.  The observed alkalinity concentration
in the ocean surface is slightly higher than that at a
depth of 100 to 200m, whose feature is found in the globally
averaged vertical distribution of alkalinity.  Therefore,
my estimation is NOT inconsistent with the observation.
   Below the depth of about 200m,
as E(z/100)**a/j - 2.E.R.exp(-z/d) < 0 due to the rapid
decrease of POM flux with a depth, alkalinity increase with
a depth.   This also is consistent with the observation.
   Don't worry yourself.
   However, we did not write the above discussion in our paper,
we considered that we need to calculate the model focusing on
this topic before we have a confidence in the explain to the
inversion of alkalinity concentration in near surface layer.

   Anyway, it must be notice that the vertical alkalinity
observed distribution from the surface to the thermocline is
much difference with the other tracers.

I recalculated when I published in GBC.  So, please ignore
the value of my conclusion in my doctoral thesis.
(The different value of R between my D-thesis and our paper
 in GBC is due to the different value of a.)
   R is suggested to be 0.06 to 0.08.  As I wrote in our paper,
when we compare the model results with the observation, we must
add to 0.02, which is equivalent to the flux from a river input
at the ocean surface to a sedimentation at the ocean bottom.
These are not include in our model.  Therefore, I wrote 0.08 to
0.1 in our abstract.
   Now, I am making couple of a sedimentation model with BGCM
working with Prof. Sarmiento at the Princeton.  So, I am looking
forward to obtain the value of 0.08 to 0.1 with use of new model.


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Yasuhiro Yamanaka,  AOS Program, Princeton University
e-mail:galapen@splash.princeton.edu   phone:+1(609)258-2462