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Proposed DATE for OCMIP-2 planing meeting (Wed. Feb. 11, 1998)

Hello everyone,

There will be an OCMIP-2 planning meeting at the AGU Ocean Sciences
Meeting (San Diego, Feb. 9-13, 1998).  If you are an OCMIP-2 member,
you should have already been notified about plans for this meeting
either by Ray Najjar (U.S. OCMIP) or myself (GOSAC, others).

The meeting is intended to be a nuts and bolts discussion about
modelers' plans for the second phase of OCMIP (OCMIP-2).  A framework
for those plans already exists via the U.S. OCMIP and GOSAC proposals,
as well as the GOSAC Work Programme (with calendar) circulated since
funding was assured.  However, a joint calendar for "OCMIP
International" has not been agreed upon and differences in plans
between U.S. OCMIP and GOSAC need to be discussed.  Furthermore, since
May 1996 there are additional plans for new simulations (e.g.,
numerical tracer age and dye runs) which never made it into the
OCMIP-2 proposals, but which are likely to be included at least as
an option for interested groups.  To resolve these issues, all OCMIP
modelers must meet.

After looking through AGU's program for the Ocean Sciences meeting (at
the AGU Web site) and taking into account conflicts for presentations
for OCMIP members (found only for Caldeira, Mouchet, Orr, Sabine,
Sarmiento, and Schlitzer), I suggest that we hold our meeting on Wednesday
morning Feb. 11th.

It is my understanding that all GOSAC groups and most U.S. OCMIP
groups will be represented at this meeting.  Please let me know if the
proposed date is a problem.

Best wishes, Jim