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OCMIP-2 Meeting Agenda etc.

Hello everyone,

This mail provides a few details concerning the imminent OCMIP-2
planning meeting.  I would appreciate comments within the next week
in order that they be taken into account in the final agenda.

The purpose for our meeting is to bring the OCMIP-2 modeling groups
(from Europe, the U.S., and Japan) together to smooth out plans for
work to follow.  The meeting will result in a common calendar of events
and commitments to participate in optional as well as mandatory sets of
simulations.  Leaders will be identified for all subprojects.  Following this
meeting, the OCMIP-2 Work Program (including simulation protocols,
boundary conditions, and timetable) will be distributed to all
participants so that comparison efforts may begin.

OCMIP-2 Planning meeting:

(1) Where: Esquire Room, 
           AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting Site
           San Diego, California

(2) When: Wednesday 11 February 1998, 8:00 AM to noon

(3) Who: (a) European groups: 
             IPSL       - J. Orr, P. Monfray
             SOC/Hadley - I. Totterdell, (J. Palmer ?)
             AWI        - R. Schlitzer
             ULG        - A. Mouchet
             MPIM       - E. Maier-Reimer
             NERSC      - H. Drange
             PIUB       - F. Joos
         (b) U.S. groups: 
             Penn State - R. Najjar, F. Louanchi 
             MIT        - M. Follows
             Princeton  - J. Sarmiento, C. Sabine
             LLNL       - K. Caldeira
             NCAR       - ?
         (c) Japan      - Y. Yamanaka (Frontier/CCSR) 
    * Please notify me promptly if this list is inaccurate

(4) Commitment list:
    A list of all planned simulations (rows) vs. groups (columns) will
    be distributed by e-mail and completed at the meeting.  All simulations 
    are not mandatory, but we need to know now who will be making which 
    optional runs.
(5) Timetable - final modifications to joint GOSAC - U.S. OCMIP calendars
              - a preliminary version to be distributed prior to our meeting

(6) Meeting Agenda:

 8:00 -  8:15        Introduction
                     - OCMIP:   an international project 
                     - OCMIP-1: official end, brief list of principal results 
                     - OCMIP-2: * coordination
                                * some technical details
                                * layout of general workplan/guidelines

 8:15 -  9:45        Discussion of new concerns
                     (Oral presentations: 3 min max [1 transparency]; 
                                          7 min discussion)
Tentative list -
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Time       Simulation                By       Subject
- ----  ---------------------  -------------   ----------------------------------
 8:15 CO2 Pulse Run                  Joos     Why is it important? timing
 8:25 Common Biology               Najjar     U.S. OCMIP plans
 8:35 Ocean O2                     Najjar     Seasonal cycle
 8:45 Atmosphere O2 (APO)         Monfray     OCMIP O2 fluxes for Atm models?
 8:55 CO2 Sequestration               Orr     GOSAC Plans
 9:05 He-3                   Maier-Reimer     Exotic but necessary?
 9:15 Age, Dye Tracers          Sarmiento     Constraints on the Southern Ocean
 9:25 Data (C-14 and CO2)          Sabine     New constraints (WOCE + JGOFS) 
 9:35 Bomb C-14                  Caldeira     Concerns for WOCE era model runs
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 9:45 - 10:30        Establish commitments for runs (mandatory vs. optional)

10:30 - 11:30        Finalize Timetable (Calendar of events)

11:30 - 12:00        List of possible sensitivity runs ; volunteers?

It would be quite nice if we could have lunch together following our meeting.
Anyone know of a good Mexican restaurant?

Best wishes, Jim