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Re: CO2 Survey data citations

OCMIP friends:

Here is a message I am forwarding on behalf of Doug Wallace, who is asking
that CO2 survey data be cited in the appropriate manner.  I wholeheartedly
agree with Doug, and I think the message speaks for itself.

Ray Najjar

Dear Carbon-Cycle Scientist,

The measurement groups involved in the Global CO2 Survey are striving
to make the inorganic carbon datasets collected on WOCE
cruises available to the wider community as rapidly as possible.
The data are now beginning to become available via CDIAC at the Oak
Ridge National Laboratory. The final, public data can be freely
downloaded from the web. Each final data set is currently in the form
of a combined data-listing and data report referred to as a Numeric
Data Package or NDP. The idea behind NDPs is to provide a mechanism
whereby data originators can receive credit, via citation, for
their hard-won data sets.

It is very important that users of these data sets adequately cite
the individual NDPs. This is especially so as, in most cases, the
data originators are making their data public before they have had an
adequate chance to write their own papers. Having the data publically
available is clearly in the interests of the community. However there
is a risk that the data originators will be tempted to slow down
the release of data, to the detriment of all, if they feel that they
are not being given due credit.

So please strive to cite the individual  data sets that you make use
of in the manner recommended within the CDIAC numeric data packages.
You will end up with a long reference list, for sure, but the
positive aspect is that continued rapid release of the data will be

With best regards and wishing us all rapid access to the data,

Doug Wallace
Technical Director, DOE CO2 Survey

Douglas Wallace
Department of Applied Science
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, NY 11973

Tel. 1-516-344-2945
Fax. 1-516-344-3246