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Re: Meeting minutes (from Bob Key)

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Subject: Re: meeting minutes

A couple of corrections/additions to the minutes:

Three north-south sections of C14 were collected in the N. Atlantic during
the WOCE survey; 1 by Quay on the NOAA '93 cruise in the eastern basin
and 2 by me in the western basin. Sampling on these legs is not as dense
as Pacific and Indian cruises, but it is sufficient to give a 3rd look at
the transient (GEOSECS, TTO, WOCE). Being last sampled, these will be last
measured so expect results around 2001.

H3/He3 were actually sampled MORE than C14 during WOCE. Jenkins did the
largest number of legs with additional participation by John Lupton, Peter 
Schlosser and Zaf Top. For a summary of legs sampled, etc., see Jenkin's web 
page at http://kopernik.whoi.edu/. Jean-Claude is correct about the usefulness
of He-3 for deep circulation as Jenkins and Lupton have already shown
with the new deep data from the eastern Pacific (WOCE conference in San
Diego 2 yrs ago and again, I expect, at the upcoming WOCE meeting in Halifax).
To my knowledge, none of the WOCE results are released, however Jenkins has
numerous sections on his web site (low resolution). I have been trying to get
the Pacific data from Bill and hopefully some will be on the data disk that
will be issued in May to WOCE PI's. Jenkins appears to be taking the lead
on thermocline interpretation, Lupton on deep questions and Schlosser on
high latitude.

bob key

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