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OCMIP-1 README's, data, and C-chem routines

OCMIP-2 members,

For those who may have never seen the OCMIP-1 documentation etc., as
well as others who may have forgotten some of the details, I have once
again made these files available by anonymous ftp.  To retrieve them,
just do the following:

  ftp dogmatix.saclay.cea.fr
  user: anonymous
  password: your_e-mail_address
  cd /pub/Incoming/ocmip/phase1
  mget README* guide* *.dat funcchem.f

Other files are included for completeness, but are not necessary, not now

CAUTION: The 2-D 1deg x 1deg data files (*.Z) are large and might take some
         time to transfer by ftp. 

Here is the invoice (see README):

    Filename             Contents
    ----------------     ---------------------------------------
    README               Documentation   (see section 1.2)
    README.satdat         "        "
    guidelines.ocmip      "        "

    funcchem.f           Fortran C-chem subroutine  (see section 2.1)
    gridlab.f            obsolete for OCMIP-2 (data passing routine)
    trunlab.f            obsolete for OCMIP-2 (data passing routine)

    c14equ.dat           Atmospheric C-14 data for model bound. conditions
    c14nth.dat              "         "       "      "       "
    c14sth.dat              "         "       "      "       "
    splco2.dat           Atmospheric historical CO2 data for  bound. conditions
    stab.dat             Atmospheric future     CO2 data for  bound. conditions

    fice.cwz.lev.ieee     Fractional Sea Ice used to force model (Section 2.3)
    Kgw.cssmi.lev.ieee    Gas Exch. Coeff. (Pist. Vel. * Sol.)   (Section 2.3)
    land.mask.lev.ieee    Surface land mask used by Levitus      (Section 2.3)

  * see Section 2 of the README file for further info about the data files

Cheers,  Jim

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