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PO4 data and maps (from Ferial Louanchi)

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Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 18:46:11 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ferial Louanchi <ferial@essc.psu.edu>
To: jls@miraflores.princeton.edu, kenc@llnl.gov, mick@plume.mit.edu,
    doney@ncar.ucar.edu, dork@plato.sr.unh.edu, marshall@gulf.mit.edu,
    orr@cea.fr, key@geo.princeton.edu, sabine@geo.princeton.edu,
    najjar@essc.psu.edu, tmh@splash.Princeton.EDU,
    rdslater@splash.Princeton.EDU, gruber@splash.Princeton.EDU
Subject: PO4 data and maps

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Dear OCMIPeurs,

  The final PO4 monthly maps are available on ftp.
ftp to ftp.essc.psu.edu, cd to /pub/meteo/ferial, then mget *sur.ps + readme.
I only put some final surface maps in that directory. 

  The final file of PO4 data on regular 2 deg per 2 deg grid is also available 
on ftp (same directory).
the name of the file is 'po4map.dat.gz' and the fortran program to read it is
'readmap.f' in attachment of this mail. Please cp the data file as soon as 
possible so I can remove it from ftp , it takes too much space.

A bientot,

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	program check
	dimension a(180,90)
	dimension alat(90)
	dimension alon(180)
c loop through the months
	do i=1,12
c loop through the first 10 level of Levitus 0 to 200 m
	do j=1,10
	write(*,*) 'read month',i,' level',j
	read(21) a
	do ii=1,90
c First latitude 90 N
	alat(ii)= 91. - 2.*float(ii)
	do jj=1,180
c First longitude Greenwich
	alon(jj)= -1. + 2.*float(jj)
c Example
c write longitude / latitude / PO4 for first month (janu) and
c first level 0 m
	if(i.eq.1.and.j.eq.1) then
	write(2,*) alon(jj),alat(ii),a(jj,ii)
	end do
	end do
	end do
	end do
 3	format(2(f7.1,1x),f8.3)