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PO4 data (from Ferial Louanchi)

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Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 20:11:34 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ferial Louanchi <ferial@essc.psu.edu>
To: jls@miraflores.princeton.edu, kenc@llnl.gov, mick@plume.mit.edu,
    doney@ncar.ucar.edu, dork@plato.sr.unh.edu, marshall@gulf.mit.edu,
    orr@cea.fr, key@geo.princeton.edu, sabine@geo.princeton.edu,
    najjar@essc.psu.edu, tmh@splash.Princeton.EDU,
    rdslater@splash.Princeton.EDU, gruber@splash.Princeton.EDU
Subject: PO4 data

Dear OCMIPeurs,

  I forgot some informations about the PO4 data. The land grids were filled 
by using a zonal extrapolation of the data. 
The file 'po4map.dat.gz' was compressed with gzip command.

If I still forgot some informations, remind it to me. Thanks,


PS : the file readme is empty.
It was a description of the files available on ftp :
 monthsur.ps (4 surface maps, postscript)
 the way the data file was compressed