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Re: carbon constants

Dear Bob,
it happens frequently that I'm told being too short. Sorry.
I was irritated that you mention at all the requirement that
pH should be between 6 and 9. There is only one solution
with positive concentration of hydrogen ions.
The species to be included will partly be mimicked in the
tuning of inventories we have to to match preindustrial 275 ppm.
What we are interested in is

            d DIC/ d pCO2

 we may additionally look for 

           d2 DIC/(d pCO2 d species)

Borate contributes 20 %, the others i don't know

The point I wanted to rais was that they all (I wouldn't care about 25
other species) behave in the same manner as the borate system:

contribution to Alk : BT/(1+H/KB)
and contribution to d Alk/d H : -(BT/KB)/(1+h/KB)**2

The treatment of CO3-- is:

DIC = CO3--(1+h/K2+h**2/(K1K2)
 and Alk = CO3--(2+h/k2) + .....

         =DIC/(1+h/K2+h**2/K1K2) (2+h/K2) + .....
is a function of given DIC and unknown h only.

More clear now?