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Re: minor corrections, a plea for consistency

Ken has brought up a good point.  Should we not run all tracers in a
consistent manner?  Frankly, I am not worried about inconsistencies
concerning CFC's at the 3% level.  On the other hand, if we are not
consistent we are going to have to invest in explaining differences, even
though they are trivial, whenever we try to compare OCMIP tracer runs
(e.g., C-14 vs. CO2 vs. CFC's).  In the long run, I believe that such
an inconsistency would cause the reviewers more problems and require much
more effort from us when writing manuscripts, than if we were to simply
include atmospheric pressure variation in the first place.  Thus I vote
that if we include atmospheric pressure variation for any gaseous tracer,
we should do the same for all of them, as Ken has suggested.

In the interest of efficiency, I would like to point out that had
discussion about this issue first been directed to ocmip-all, we would
have already come to a consensus.  The same is true concerning details
about carbonate chemistry, e.g., the issue of whether or not to include
the effect of phosphate and silica.  Both issues have been discussed for
some time amongst members of U.S. OCMIP, who have already come to
agreement.  Since discussion of such topics only started very recently on
ocmip-all, there is of naturally a lag.  That could have been avoided. 
Those who prefer not to make the same point more than once should first
begin their discussion on this mailing list.

- -- Jim

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