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New OCMIP Web Page

Hello everyone,

There is a new OCMIP/GOSAC Web page now available.  The address is


This page is still under construction, so please be patient.  It includes
introductory material, documentation concerning simulations, technical
details, results (as reports and newsletter articles), the ocmip-all
mailing list archive, and more.  There will be numerous additions in the
weeks to come, as the protocols and HOWTO files become definitive and as
other results are added. 

The included "CFC HOWTO" is essentially in final form, athough last
minute remarks are welcome until this Friday (10 July 1998). By
the following Monday, the CFC HOWTO becomes definitive and we
we will finally be able to begin these runs.



P.S. A specail thanks goes to Patrick Brockmann for making this Web page a
     reality, and to Arnaud Lauriou for his help in installing this page
     at IPSL.

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