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solubility pump


What is the rationale for the solubility pump calculation?  This should be
clear so that we decide how to specify the surface alkalinity distribution
for this calculation. I can think of three reasons:

1. We want to know what the ocean DIC distribution would be without any
biology.  In this case, we would want to set the surface Alk distribution
to the global, volumetric mean, something like 2370 ueq/kg, normalized
by the salinity.

2. An initial condition for anthropogenic CO2 uptake simulations.  In this
case, surface Alk doesn't matter much because the buffer factor is mainly a
function of pCO2 and temperature.  Alk choice affects DIC, but not perturbation

3. An initial condition for radiocarbon simulations.  This follows Bacastow
and Maier-Reimer (1990), who found simulated D14C using C-12 and C-14
in an abiotic ocean is the same as in a biotic ocean with all C isotopes.  I
don't know how critical surface Alk is here.  We suggested doing C-14 this way
in Boulder.

Let's settle this so we can finalize the sol pump design.  At the meeting in
Boulder recently, we suggested using mean surface Alk (~2310 ueq/kg),
S-normalized, but the rationale escapes me.