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CFC Run for OCMIP-2 - Bug in sol_cfc.f

OCMIP-2 modelers:

There has been a bug identified in the routine "sol_cfc.f"  for the
standard OCMIP-2 run for CFC-11 and CFC-12.  Thanks to Matt Hecht at NCAR
for identifying this problem early on.  The bug has now been corrected. 
Everyone should transfer this file once again.  For transferring, see


In the corrected version of sol_cfc.f, line 12 contains the string
"Revision 1.2".  If instead line 12 contains "Revision 1.1", you have 
the old version, with the bug.

Finally, please note that the present version of the CFC HOWTO is still
not final!  The final version will be available by next Monday (20 July). 
More information is now being added concerning exactly how one should
store their model output, naming conventions, etc. Such information is
necessary because model files must be transferred for analysis in standard
OCMIP-2 form (netCDF plus other constraints). At the same time, we will
make Fortran routines available to do all that work (netCDF, format,
naming, ...) for you. Just be sure to have netCDF installed (at least
version 3) on the machine where you will be writing these OCMIP-2 output.

Best regards,  Jim

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Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 12:31:26 -0600 (MDT)
From: Matthew Hecht <hecht@ncar.ucar.edu>
To: orr@cea.fr
Subject: sol_cfc


I've been putting cfc's into NCAR's ocean model and the HOWTO document has
been extremely useful. I've stumbled across what I think must be a small
error in sol_cfc.f. I believe that 
      sol_cfc = 1.0*e-12 * sol_cfc
should be
      sol_cfc = 1.0e-12 * sol_cfc
My compiler believes that 1.0*e-12 is simply -12. Perhaps you could
forward this on to Jean-Claude Dutay. 

yours, Matthew

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