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Let the CFC runs begin!

OCMIP modelers:

The CFC HOWTO is now in final form.  It can be accessed directly by


EVERYONE will want to take a look at the new document.  Some detail has
been added (e.g., concerning formating your output for analysis). Other
information has changed.  For instance, the atmospheric record has been
extended for two years (from 1931-1995 to 1931-1997); atmospheric values
for other years have changed as well.  The new atmospheric data set was
just made available to us a few days ago by Stephen Walker through John
Bullister.  Note that if you have already begun your CFC simulations for
OCMIP-2, you will have to restart them with the new atmospheric record. It
is important that the additional two years be included and that boundary
conditions are consistent for all models. 

I would encourage modelers to begin making their runs for CFC-11 and
CFC-12 as soon as possible!  To be included for analysis we need your
model output in less than 2 months, by the September 15, 1998 deadline! 
For scheduling of this and other tracer runs, see the OCMIP-2 timetable,


which was updated very recently.

Regards,  Jim
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