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time table and deadlines


Thanks for taking the lead on these "how to documents" without which
I think it would be difficult to ensure that we are all working on
the same problem.

I talked with Ray Najjar the other day, and I am a bit concerned about the
computation timeframe. In particular, it will be difficult for us here
at NCAR to complete the CFC simulations in essentially the 7 weeks left
before the Sept. 15th deadline, and I don't think it is reasonable to assign 
such a short deadline considering the delay in actually defining the 
final experiment. I am not sure of other groups situation, but we have
to compete with other scientists for computer time and do not have the
luxury of taking as much computer time as we need. 

Also, from looking at the time table posted on the web, I don't think
proper consideration has been given to the fact that many of these
runs are sequential. For example, the C-14 and nutrient restoring equilibrium
runs have to be completed prior to the anthropogenic perturbation and bomb
C-14 runs but they are all slated to start in the Fall. Also, for reasons
of economy, I would prefer to see only a small number of equilibrium
and transient calculations, but that can only be done if we agree on
the procedures prior to the start of the first equilibrium runs.



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On Fri, 24 Jul 1998, James Orr wrote:

> OCMIP modelers:
> The sections in the CFC HOWTO dealing with model output (sections 4, 5,
> and 6) have been modified.  Slight changes have also been made elsewhere
> in that document, which is now at version 1.2. Mostly text has been added
> to make things clearer and easier for participants to prepare and transfer
> their results for analysis. 
> Section 4 has been modified heavily, particularly regarding the type of
> data and frequency of storage for the "Transport Output".  Any
> comments would be most welcome. The routines for that type of output
> (tendancies and fluxes due to advection, diffusion, and convection) will
> be made available in 1 week.  Afterwards, it becomes more difficult
> to change things.
> Regards,  Jim
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