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Re: time table and deadlines

Dear Scott,

I can understand that some groups may have difficulties meeting the
Sept. 15th deadine for the CFC run.  On the other hand, unless
analysis begins in September there will be no results to show in the
1st year report (to be written in November) .  Please let me know how
much longer your group needs.  I'll do my best to accomodate, although
we may not be able to incorporate late results in the first year

As for the timetable, I do believe that it considers the sequential
nature of the runs.  At the last U.S. OCMIP meeting, we agreed that
the C-14 runs should be made without biology. I think this is where the
confusion comes from. The sol. pump run for CO2 will be run along with
the natural C-14 run.  Bomb C-14 will follow, along with the inorganic run
for anthropogenic CO2.

Could you please explain your last statement.  I don't understand what
you are suggesting.

> Also, for reasons of economy, I would prefer to see only a small
> number of equilibrium and transient calculations, but that can only
> be done if we agree on the procedures prior to the start of the
> first equilibrium runs.

Regards,   Jim