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Re: time table and deadlines

Hi Jim,

I think I can help here.  The problem is really with how we do anthropogenic
CO2 uptake.  We agreed that this should be done on top of the natural carbon
cycle so that we could have a straightforward comparison with modern day
surface pCO2 and DIC data.

We are also doing anthropogenic CO2 on top of the solubility model, but the
only reason we are doing this is so that we can do C-14 reasoaably well but
without too much hassle (i.e., dealing with C-13 and fractionation effects).

The main change needed for the timetable is to move the beginning of the
Anthro CO2 runs to the end of the natural carbon cycle runs (~4/99).

(This confusion could have been avoided if I promptly responded to your request
to look at the timetable.  Sorry.)