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1st OCMIP-2 workshop (was Re: time table and deadlines)


Thanks for clearing things up about the timetable. I can make your
suggested change, which will delay the start of anthropogenic CO2 runs
(1765-1995, S450, and S650) by about 5 months.  However, while waiting for
these runs to be finished, it would be nice to take advantage of the
earlier "sol. pump" results for anthropogenic CO2 (1765-1995) that will
come with the Suess+Bomb C-14 run.  This won't require any additional
efforts on the part of the modeling groups, but it will give Chris Sabine
and I a chance to get going on analyzing the preliminary anthropogenic CO2
results before the first OCMIP-2 workshop which we need to hold held about
the middle of next year. 

That workshop will be different than planning meetings that we have had so
far.  We will need sufficient time to discuss results from the first half
as well as plans for the second half of OCMIP-2.  At that workshop we will
also provide the Beta version of the analysis package (GAP) will be
offered to those interested in taking on analysis subprojects during the
last half of the project.  I propose that the 1st OCMIP-2 workshop be held
in Paris for 3 days during May 17-19, 1999.  The dates are somewhat
flexible, but for reasons of general economy, I'd like to keep it before
the high season of summer travel.  If anyone has conflicts, please let me

Best regards, Jim