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Fall AGU meeting

Sorry if you've already received this ...

Dear All,

Dennis Hansell and I are chairing a session on "Ocean Remineralization" at the
upcoming fall AGU meeting (December 6-10) and encourage you to submit a paper
to this session.  The abstract deadline is September 2 for electronic
submission.  Full details about the meeting can be found on the AGU web site:

I hope you can make it.


Ray Najjar

Ocean Remineralization

The remineralization of organic matter in the ocean provides nutrients for
primary production and closes the "biological pump," the process that maintains
spatial gradients in a myriad of chemical species in the ocean.  Compared to
primary production, which has seen rapid advances in its understanding
and quantification in recent years, remineralization remains enigmatic.
Many fundamental questions about remineralization have not been
fully answered, such as:  What is the spatial and temporal distribution
of remineralization rates in the ocean?  What are the relative contributions
of dissolved and particulate organic matter to remineralization? What are
the relative roles of zooplankton and bacteria in remineralization?  What are
the relative contributions of sedimentary and water column processes to
remineralization?  What is the role of the dissolved oxygen concentration in 
remineralization and how does this affect denitrification?  Where is it
feasible to use Redfield ratios to convert remineralization rates of one
element to another?  This session calls for papers that attempt to answer
these and related questions.

When submitting an abstract for this session, please send a copy to 
one of the conveners.

Raymond G. Najjar
Department of Meteorology            Phone: 814-863-1586
522 Walker Building                  Fax: 814-865-3663
The Pennsylvania State University    Email: najjar@essc.psu.edu 
University Park, PA 16802-5013       home page: http://www.essc.psu.edu/~najjar

Dennis A. Hansell, Ph.D
Associate Research Scientist
Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc.
St. Georges, GE-01, Bermuda  1-441-297-1880 x210; Fax 441-297-8143