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Grouping CFC output + "Missing" values

OCMIP-2 Modelers:

Two small problems have been noticed in regards to writing model
output for the CFC run. 

Neither is serious enough to make you rewrite output in standard
OCMIP-2 format, if you have done that already.  The first problem
concerns the filename for the standard output files written for surface
T and S.  It should include the entire code of your model, not just
the first 3 letters.  The routine


has been corrected accordingly. Please use the present version (1.3) if
you have not already written your output in standard OCMIP-2 format.

The second problem is related.  The script 


which tars output files together (see Section 6 of the CFC HOWTO) has also
been updated. The previous version did not group files containing surface
T and S with the other CFC output because names were not specified
correctly.  The new version (1.2)  fixes that problem.

Finally, all 3 output subroutines have been updated to include the
missing value feature of netCDF.  For us modelers, this just means
that you should flag land in your output arrays (tracers, fluxes,
bathymetry, etc.) with values of -1.0e+34.  Again, don't worry about
this improvment if you have already written out your data with the old
versions of the output files.  But please do inform me that you used the
old version (1.2) with a "README" that is included with your tarred output 
files.  All those that have NOT yet written your output files, please
use the latest version of the 3 output routines  


which are all now at version 1.3.

Thanks, Jim

   James Orr                       Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat 
   LSCE, CEA Saclay                             et de l'Environnement    
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