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First OCMIP-2 CFC section available

OCMIP modelers:

Thanks to a lot of hard work by Patrick Brockmann, the first OCMIP-2
section for CFC-11 is now available.  That section is for the north-south
AJAX section that runs roughly between Antarctica and the equator, along
about 0 degrees of longitude. If interested, take a look under the Gallery
section of the OCMIP Web page, or go there directly with


The figure itself is preliminary and should be treated as such.  Of
course, it is not yet the time for it to be used it in any publication. 
We distribute this figure now, mainly for illustration. 

For the moment we provide results for all six models that have contributed
CFC output (AWI, IGCR, IPSL, NCAR, NERSC, and SOC).  We understand that
output from two other EC models (UL and MPI) will be forthcoming shortly.
The remaining 3-D models (CSIRO, LLNL, MIT, PRINCE), should really try to
send in their output as soon as possible!  We all know that the CFC
simulation is a key run for OCMIP-2, for which we all agreed to submit
output.  Although the deadline for submission was 15 September, we are of
course still accepting output.  But please don't delay further! We would
very much like to include your model in all the standard analysis done
here at LSCE/IPSL.

Thanks,  Jim

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