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Re: Biotic HOWTO


I have a some comments about the code which was posted last week.

1) No special allowance is made for negative tracer concentrations. In the
current version of our code here, we treat these values as zero.

2) When the ocean is shallower than the compensation depth, the posted
code sets the biological source/sink terms to zero. We handle this
situation by considering the compensation depth to be equal to the ocean
depth. Note that this requires some modifications to the computations
related to remineralization at the ocean floor.

3) Does a unit conversion need to be performed on po4star? I had inferred
from the design document that the units of the supplied po4 data is
umol/kg. But po4star is compared to po4, which is umol/m^3.

We will have our code completed in the near future and can make the source
available to the participants of OCMIP. The structure & variable names are
somewhat different. This may ease incorporation of the code into other
groups models.

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