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Re: Biotic HOWTO

Keith, thanks for your comments.

>   1) No special allowance is made for negative tracer concentrations. In the
>   current version of our code here, we treat these values as zero.

The problem here is that you can change your phosphate inventory as a result
of this.  If you add phosphate (by setting negative PO4 values to zero) then
you should remove it elsewhere, perhaps uniformly throughout the model.
>   2) When the ocean is shallower than the compensation depth, the posted
>   code sets the biological source/sink terms to zero. We handle this
>   situation by considering the compensation depth to be equal to the ocean
>   depth. Note that this requires some modifications to the computations
>   related to remineralization at the ocean floor.

This makes sense to me.

>   3) Does a unit conversion need to be performed on po4star? I had inferred
>   from the design document that the units of the supplied po4 data is
>   umol/kg. But po4star is compared to po4, which is umol/m^3.

Ferial, please confirm, but I think that the PO4 maps are in units of umol/kg.
If so, then the maps should be converted to mol/m^3 (by each modeler) using the
mean surface density of 1024.5 kg/m^3.   

>   We will have our code completed in the near future and can make the source
>   available to the participants of OCMIP. The structure & variable names are
>   somewhat different. This may ease incorporation of the code into other
>   groups models.

Great!  Thanks.  Ray