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Re: conserving global alk


The PO4-Alk tradeoff is an interesting point that I had not thought of.  My
sense is that the global alkalinity should be conserved at the initial value
so that there are no differences in carbon chemistry among models.  There
are a number of ways to handle this:

(1) Brute force.  Periodically adjust the Alk inventory to the initial value
by adding or subtracting off a constant from the Alk field.  This would also
relax the need to assume that the average of E-P used in the virtual flux 
calculation is exactly zero.

(2) Consider PO4-DOP conversion.  The net transfer between PO4 and DOP could
be computed periodically and the difference, scaled by the N:P ratio, could be
used to adjust the alkalinity.

Fixing PO4 is another possibility, but breaks from the simulation design
document.  We would need to agree as a group on this.  I suppose fixing PO4
could be acheived in a way similar to (1) and (2) above.  I am inclined to
not fix PO4.

Regarding your last question about deep acceleration, I think what you are 
doing is fine as long as you feel that you are ending up with the same fields
you would get without acceleration.