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Re: alkalinity


I think that adjustment is fine during the spin-up with deep-ocean
circulation accelleration is turned on, but then deep-ocean acceleration
and this adjustment should be turned off, the model run some more, and then
the OCMIP runs performed without adjustment or acceleration.

I suppose the only problem then would be residual P-E imbalances after
acceleration is turned off, which in volume (and not mass) conserving
models would lead to alkalinity changes ...

I think it would be better to let alkalinity drift a bit during the OCMIP
run than to correct this residual drift during the run.  If the model is
spun up enough, this drift should be small. Alternatively, you could do
something to force P-E to balance globally during the OCMIP run (i.e., add
a constant delta(P-E) everywhere to stop the global salinity drift), which
would solve the problem ...



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