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Use anonymous ftp server

Dear ocmip modellers,

The directory of our anonymous ftp server has changed.
To send us your model output, you must now use the following

1) ftp: ftp.cea.fr
2) user: anonymous
3) passwd: your full email
4) cd incoming2/ba9901/OCMIP
5) mkdir <your group name>
6) binary
7) put your data and then inform me
8) mail brock@lsce.saclay.cea.fr

Up to now there are 9 models on 13 in our database.
Still missing are the LLNL, MIT, PIUB, PRINCE model output.
If you have any difficulties to format your output to the
OCMIP standard, let me know.

First results should be present on a limited access page of
our web server next week.


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