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OCMIP-2 Workshop (May 27-28, 1999): Participants and Plan

OCMIP participants:

In just 10 weeks, we will hold our OCMIP-2 mid-project workshop.  If you
have not already made flight (or train) arrangements, now is the time to
do so!

Details concerning hotels, meeting site and room will be sent out next
week.  For that, however, I need participants to confirm that they will be
coming.  The list below is not comprehensive but includes expected
participants.  If you are on the list, please confirm. If you are not on
the list but would like to come, you should let me know quickly.

Participants List (tentative)
- -----------------------------
U.S. groups
- -----------
LLNL: Caldeira
MIT: Follows
NCAR: Doney, Lindsay
Princeton: Sarmiento, Sabine, Key
PSU: Najjar, Louanchi
PMEL: Bullister

European Groups:
- ----------------
IPSL: Orr, Monfray, Dutay, Aumont, Stoens
SOC: Totterdell 
AWI: Schlitzer
UL: Mouchet
UCL: Campin
MPI: Maier-Reimer
NERSC: Drange
PIUB: Joos

Workshop Plan (tentative) - Please send commets.

OCMIP-2 "Paris" Workshop 
May 27-28, 1999
Gif-sur-Yvette, France (in the suburbs of Paris)

May 27: Progress and Discussion of Results
- ------------------------------------------
1) Introduction:

2) CFC-11 and CFC-12: 
   - WOCE and other new data sets  (Bullister)
   - Validation/Comparison during OCMIP-2 (J.-Cl. Dutay)
   - Short- and long-term plans (Discussions)

3) Tentative Discussion:
   -> of results if several groups submit results beforehand, or 
   -> OTHERWISE, concering details of HOWTOs
   * Abiotic Simulations 
     - natural C-14 
     - bomb C-14    
     - natural CO2 (solubility pump)  
     - anthropogenic CO2 
   * Pulse runs (Joos)
   * CO2 Disposal (Aumont)
   * Common Biology runs (Najjar)

4) GOSAC Analysis Package (GAP): database and analysis tools, with demo

May 28: Ongoing and Future Work
- -------------------------------
1) Other new validation data sets (besides CFC's):
        - C-14 (with bomb vs. natural deconvolution, Key)
        - Anthropogenic CO2 (Sabine)
2) Multi-tracer validation/comparison:
    - Anthropogenic CO2 vs Bomb C-14
          * Theory and models (Sarmiento, Joos)
          * Data vs models (Sabine, Key, Orr)
          * Model derived uncertainties 
    - Anthropogenic CO2 vs. CFC's    (Sarmiento, Orr, Dutay)

3) New simulations planned for OCMIP-2 
    - He-3
    - Age Tracers
    - Dye Tracers
    - Decay Tracers

4) OCMIP-3 (what, when, and who)
    - Interannual variability?
    - Future Climate change?
    - Other (e.g., inverse modeling)??

- -- Jim