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New OCMIP-2 Output Routines (Ferret compatible) - must use

OCMIP modelers,

All model output routines for all simulations (write_nc*.f) have just
been upgraded to be compatible with a recent release of GDT (version
1.2).  Why?  There are 3 main reasons: 
(1) individual modelers can now use Ferret directly, 
(2) resulting output files are smaller, and 
(3) eventually you will be able to check if your output is
    internally consistent yourself (with Ferret scripts we will send you).

The latter reason will save a lot of time that we have until now spent
on finding silly bugs in model output and then making groups resubmit,
sometimes over and over again.  Thus use of the newly modified
routines will make centralized analysis as well as your own analysis
much more efficient.

Therefore, if you are submitting any new or revised output (e.g., even
CFC output which you have corrected and are re-sending to LSCE), you
MUST now use the modified versions of these routines.  Thus you should
transfer the new routines through the appropriate HOWTO Document on
our OCMIP Web page.  You can tell if you have the new Ferret compliant
routines by looking at the most recent revision number near the top of
each subroutine.  The "Revision" should now be at 2.1 or higher.
Be sure to hit "Reload" on the Web page before transferring files.

Note several of the arguments have been removed and one has been
added.  For example, in write_nc_CFC_year.f, we no longer pass
redundant position information (lon, bounds_lon, lat, bounds_lat,
depth, and bounds_depth) which is also passed in
write_nc_MaskAreaBathy.f. On the other hand we have added one argument
to each routine, i.e., "production", which you should use to pass your
own model version indicator.  See the comments that go along with each
of these routines in each of the HOWTO's.

List of modified routines (Should all be at Revision 2.1 or greater):
CFC run
- -------

Biotic Run
- ----------

Injection Run
- -------------
* Note: new routines for the Abiotic runs will be made available soon

- -- Jim

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