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OCMIP-2 Workshop Banquet?

OCMIP Workshop Participants,

The current list of participants for the workshop next week is included
below.  We have a very nice workshop banquet planned for Thursday evening,
May 27th at the CEA's Chateau (for more info, see the Web page).  Although
the price for that meal may seem a little high (190 F each), it should be
well worth it. To offset that cost I'll be able to cover all lunches on
Thursday and Friday with funds from GOSAC. 

If despite such encouragement, you are on the list below and you prefer
not to come to the banquet (this would be a mistake), please let me know
immediately! And if you know of others who are coming but not listed,
please let me know as well. I need an exact head count, by Friday, so that
the chefs can prepare our meal.  Likewise, if you are not on the list
below but are coming to the workshop, please notify me without delay.



Confirmed OCMIP-2 Workshop participants:
U.S. OCMIP groups
- -----------
LLNL: Caldeira(*)
MIT: Follows(*)
NCAR: Doney(*), Lindsay(*)
Princeton: Sarmiento(*), Sabine(*), Key(*), Gruber(*)
PSU: Najjar(*), Louanchi(*)
PMEL: Bullister(*)

European OCMIP Groups:
- ----------------
IPSL: Orr(*), Monfray(*), Dutay(*), Aumont(*), Stoens(*), Brockmann(*)
      Le Quere(*), Bopp(*)
SOC/Hadley: Totterdell(*), Yool(*), Spall(*) 
AWI: Schlitzer(*), Weirig(*)
UL: Mouchet(*)
UCL: Campin(*)
MPI: Maier-Reimer(*)
NERSC: Drange(*)
PIUB: Joos(*), Plattner(*)

- ------
IGCR: Yamanaka(*), Ishiida(*)

- -------
LPCM: N. Metzl(*)
Kiel: C. Voelker(*)

   James Orr                       Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat 
   LSCE, CEA Saclay                             et de l'Environnement    
   Bat. 709 - Orme                 Unite Mixte de Recherche CEA-CNRS    
   F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex    Phone:   (33) (0)1 69 08 77 23      
   FRANCE                          Fax:     (33) (0)1 69 08 77 16
                                             |    |     
   mailto:  orr@cea.fr            (country code)  (when in France)