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OCMIP virtual fluxes -- subsurface salt fluxes


In our model we have subsurface salt sources associated with:

A. The Arabian, Red and Mediterranean Seas;


B. Plumes of brine generated by thickening sea ice.

1. It seems to me that these salt fluxes should carry with them sub-surface
virtual fluxes of carbon, alkalinity, etc. Is this agreed?

2. The ABiotic How-to
l#ss2.2) discusses using the ratio of DICg/Sg (i.e.,  the ratio of global
average surface DIC  to global average surface salinity) to calculate these
virtual fluxes. Should these mean surface values also be used for the
sub-surface fluxes described above?  [This would be my default choice].

3. In the reporting of these fluxes, it is assumed that these are
2-dimensional fields; in our case they will be 3-D. How should we report
these fluxes? [Vertically integrating these fluxes would be my default
choice, unless somebody suggests something better.]

Does anybody have strong opinions on these issues?



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