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Imminent Deadlines for OCMIP-2 model output

OCMIP Modelers,

Just a timely warning and reminder.  Recall that at the OCMIP-1 Workshop
at the end of May, we agreed on some crucial deadlines.  For those of you
who have forgotten, here they are again:
Jun 1 to Sep 1:  Complete abiotic (C12 and C14) and biotic
                 equilibrium runs
Sep 1 to Oct 1:  Complete abiotic (C12 and C14) anthropogenic runs,
                 and C12 pulse runs
Oct 1 to Dec 1:  Future C12 runs (S450 and S650?), with and without 

Past deadlines (for CFC model output) have been flexible, which is normal
for the first OCMIP-2 simulation.  On the other hand, we have little
flexibility to offer for the deadlines above. OCMIP is well past its
midpoint, and time must be allotted for writing up results as well as
analyzing them. If groups cannot make these deadlines, there will come a
time, very soon thereafter, when they won't be able to be included in
OCMIP-2 analysis.

Best regards,  


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