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OCMIP Modelers,

URGENT: Concerning output from Historical Run (due 1 October)
        as well as Future and Pulse runs (due soon as well). 

The Abiotic HOWTO has been updated.  Everything remains the same
for the simulation protocols.  Likewise, model output for the
"Equilibrium run" has NOT been changed.

On the other hand, there have been three substantial changes concerning
model output for the Historical, Future, and Pulse runs.  First, model
output routines have changed--we now use separate routines to write 3-D,
2-D, and 0-D spatial arrays.  Second, the frequency of writing out results
is also different. Separating routines, allows us to save space while 
storing lower dimensional output more frequently.  Third, some additional
variables have been requested, such as the global mean information in the
"0D" routines.  

Sections 4 and 5 of the new version of the Abiotic HOWTO have changed
SUBSTANTIALLY; other sections have not. The new Abiotic HOWTO is available
via the OCMIP Web page. The Revision number is now 1.13 (see 2nd line on
cover page). If you see anything less, hit "Reload" on your browser.
Alternative versions (Postscript, etc.) of the Abiotic HOWTO have also
been updated (see Section 10)

All the new output routines will be linked to that Web page by the end 
of the week.



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