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Output - Equilibrium and beyond

OCMIP modelers,

Reminder:  we still have not received Abiotic and Biotic Equilibrium
output from all participants.  The deadline for receiving output from both
simulations was Sept. 1st.  If you have yet to send your results, please
let me know when you plan on doing so. We need to know to see if we will
still be able to include your results in the ongoing analysis.

Likewise, results from the Abiotic Historical Run (and the Pulse Run) are
due October 1st. If groups expect delays, I need to know now.

The highlights of this early OCMIP-2 carbon-cycle analysis will be
presented in January at the AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting (JGOFS session).  
Those who contribute will of course be co-authors.  An effort will be made
to rapidly disseminate results from this early analysis (in a manuscript)
following the meeting.



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