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Data online


Thanks to Jonathan Callahan, gridded results from the global carbon
survey in the 
Indian Ocean are now available for automatic viewing/download. Point
your browser
at http://cdiac.esd.ornl.gov/cdiac/oceans/glodap/index.html then select
Products" from the menu bar at the top. So far all we've gotten up are
total CO2
and alkalinity, but we hope to soon add the Indian Ocean anthropogenic
CO2 estimate
and Pacific Ocean radiocarbon distribution. 
At this point the server setup is still undergoing significant
modification, but
we would appreciate input from modelers who expect to eventually use
these results.

krom the same starting place if you select "Details" from the menu bar
then look under
the C-14 project, you will find color sections for Pacific Ocean
radiocarbon. I still 
have a few to go (Southern Ocean), but most are there.