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Today's new Abiotic HOWTO (final)

OCMIP modelers,

Today I've released presumably the last version of the Abiotic HOWTO
(revision 1.14), at least as far as OCMIP-2 is concerned.  The protocols
for the Equilibrium, Historical, and Pulse runs have NOT changed.  
Conversely, part of what will be done for one of the Future runs HAS
changed as have other details.  So modelers, please read on.

There are two major changes:

(1) ALL output routines are now available; even the previous
    routine for the Equilibrium run output has changed slightly 
    ==> see my follow-up e-mail on this subject
(2) Future run "CIS92A" has been added; future run S450 has been deleted
    ==> see my second follow-up e-mail

Other non-negligible changes include

 - added link to new data file "cis92a.dat" for CIS92A atmospheric CO2
   (see section 1)
 - new version of "read_co2atm.f" needed to mke future run CIS92A
   (link in section 1)
 - new version of "try_c_interp.f" adds example of how to read and interpolate
   data from "cis92a.dat" to make future run CIS92A
 - provided complete details (slightly changed) for Output Frequency 
   for Historical, Future, and Pulse runs 
   (see sections 4 and 5)
 - argument list in output routines has changed slightly 
   (see section 5 and links for these routines, same section)

The Abiotic HOWTO has taken some time to put together because it must
clearly define five separate simulations.  However, I think the effort
will prove worthwhile.  What is most needed now is that groups
contribute their output as soon as possible!

Thanks,  Jim

   James Orr                      
   Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement
   Unite Mixte de Recherche CEA-CNRS

   LSCE, CEA Saclay                
   Bat. 709 - Orme                 mailto:  orr@cea.fr
   F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex    Phone:   (33) (0)1 69 08 77 23
   FRANCE                          Fax:     (33) (0)1 69 08 77 16