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ALL OCMIP-2 output routines UPDATED

OCMIP modelers,

All OCMIP-2 output routines (write_nc_*.f), used to write model output in
standard format, have been updated.  That means ALL output routines for
the CFC, Abiotic, Biotic, AND Injection simulations were modified. If you
have already submitted your final output for any of these simulations,
please do NOT resubmit that output! On the other hand, for simulations
which you have not submitted output, PLEASE use these new routines.  As
usual output routines are accessible through the appropriate HOWTO on our
OCMIP Web page.

All routines were modified by Patrick Brockmann to include an additional
variable in the output files so that we can keep track the version of
the output routines that you used to write your standard output. 

- -- Jim

Invoice of changed files:
Names                               Current Revision
- -----------------------------       ----------------
write_nc_Abiotic_TS_year.f              2.4
write_nc_Abiotic_equil.f                1.4
write_nc_Abiotic_futr_year_0D.f         1.3
write_nc_Abiotic_futr_year_2D.f         1.4
write_nc_Abiotic_futr_year_3D.f         1.4
write_nc_Abiotic_hist_year_0D.f         1.3
write_nc_Abiotic_hist_year_2D.f         1.3
write_nc_Abiotic_hist_year_3D.f         1.3
write_nc_Abiotic_puls_year_0D.f         1.3
write_nc_Abiotic_puls_year_2D.f         1.3
write_nc_Biotic_TS_year.f               2.5
write_nc_Biotic_equil.f                 2.5
write_nc_CFC_year.f                     2.2
write_nc_INJ_year.f                     2.2
write_nc_MaskAreaBathy.f                2.2
write_nc_SurfTS_year.f                  2.2

   James Orr                      
   Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement
   Unite Mixte de Recherche CEA-CNRS

   LSCE, CEA Saclay                
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