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Re: OCMIP gathering at AGU Ocean Sciences meeting?

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The gridded Indian Ocean carbon data (TCO2, Alkalinity, Anthropogenic
CO2 and Change in CO2 between GEOSECS and WOCE ("Excess CO2")) is
now available via the NOAA LAS at PMEL (courtesy of Jonathan 
Callahan and Steve Hankin). The anthropogenic CO2 and excess CO2
are as described in Sabine, et al. (1999, GBC). Point your browser
(JAVA required) to:


The gridded data set was created by objectively mapping the same data
described in Sabine to a 1 degree grid at 100m Z intervals (I can
provide details if needed).

Most of the IO data is still proprietary, so if you want specific
sections (i.e. along a cruise track) or maps, contact me. These data
will become public once CDIAC has published the NDP which, in turn,
requires the release of the hydrography. A. Kozyr at CDIAC is actively
working on the QC for the carbon data, so I anticipate a reasonably
quick release (<1yr??). Chris prepared a few along-cruise-track sections
for the GLODAP web site
then select "Data Products" from the top menu bar.

If you have made any C-14 runs, I can provide similar data for the
Pacific Ocean. Indian Ocean C-14 samples are currently being analyzed,
so I expect to be able to provide IO results in about a year also.

Many of you already know that Chris recently transferred to U.W./PMEL.
He is still very interested in OCMIP and plans to continue 
participating. Chris has access to the database and can provide
any of the above if you can't reach me - it's just a bit more hassle
for him since he has to do it remotely. Any specific questions on
carbon chemistry/details are much better directed to him
(sabine@pmel.noaa.gov) than me.

till later,
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