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Bug in co2flux.f (Abiotic/Biotic runs)

OCMIP modelers,

Victor Ocana has found a bug in the routine "co2flux.f".  That routine is
used in both the Abiotic and Biotic simulations.  I have modified
co2flux.f to fix the problem he mentions below.  I also added IMPLICIT
NONE and declared all variables to avoid future problems of the same
nature, in that routine.  

You can retrieve the new corrected version of co2flux.f (Revision 1.6)
from the appropriate link on both the Abiotic and Biotic HOWTO's.

Victor points out that this bug produces strange results, so I suspect
that many of you have already fixed this problem.  However, if you have
used an earlier version of co2flux.f (Revision 1.4 or earlier), in
unmodified form, you will need to retrieve the new version and rerun your

Thanks Victor for letting us know about this problem.

- -- Jim

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Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 19:51:10 +0100 (MET)
From: Victor Ocana <ocana@dkrz.de>
To: dutay@cea.fr, orr@cea.fr
Subject: Bug in co2flux.f ??

I just noticed that atmospheric pressure is passed to subroutine
co2flux in variable ppo, but to routine co2calc as pp0 (zero rather
than o) in the version available at the OCMIP web-site. As a result
co2calc receives zero as value for atm-pressure and the values of 
co2starair (and hence dco2star) and dpCO2 are wrong. 
Was that already noticed?

Best regards,

Victor Ocana

Victor Ocana                            e-mail: ocana@dkrz.de
Max-Planck Institut fuer Meteorologie   Tlf: 49 40 41173382
Bundesstrasse 55                        Fax: 49 40 41173298
D-20146 Hamburg