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drift correction

Jim, Scott and other OCMIPpers:

Scott has legitimate concerns about computer time and getting on with the
analysis.  And I think he is right that the control simulation is not going to
yield anything terribly useful for the historical and future simulations; 2 Pg
over 200 years is tiny compared to the amount of anthropogenic CO2 that is
added to the ocean during that time.

You may be right that drift in high latitudes will be significantly greater.
But this should be evaluated before all 12 groups jump into it.  I suggest your
group (or another that feels as strongly about it) actually do a control run
and critically evaluate the fields with and without the correction.  If it
turns out to be significant, then perhaps some simple fixes (such as #3 in your
last email) could be evaluated.

As to the pulse runs, I give them somewhat less priority at the moment.  I am
most concerned about getting on with the analysis of the other runs.