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14C Time-history OCMIP results

Dear all,

	As a follow-up to the discussion this past week in San Antonio, Ken
Caldeira and I are planning on comparing the D14C surface water
time-history as simulated in the OCMIP configured runs with those derived
from biological archives (eg. corals, long-lived molluscs).  Even though
the runs are forced w/ climatological surface winds the time-history (as
simulated in the models) remains a powerful diagnostic.  This paper would
compliment Scott Doney's proposed "physics" paper, and Jean-Claude's CFC

Ultimately, the time-frame is dependent upon the submission of the 14C
results and we wouldn't (necessarily) want to come out of the chute prior
to the physics paper.  We hope to have the paper complete and circulated by
no later than early July.

Interested parties can contact me directly.

Tom Guilderson

Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry,
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,  L-397
Livermore CA  94551

East Coast:
Department of Earth and Planetary Science
20 Oxford Street
Harvard University, Cambridge MA  02138