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Dear All,
	At the OCMIP meeting in San Antonio last week we agreed to clear all
proposed papers through the group. Jim Orr and I have been talking for a
while about testing the C* technique by trying the calculation using input
values from a model and comparing the C* predicted anthropogenic CO2
estimates with the anthropogenic CO2 directly estimated in the model. We
tried this last summer with the IPSL model, but it didn't work because this
model apparently does some sub-surface restoring that results in a very poor
correlation between alkalinity and salinity which does not agree with
observations and could not be adequately represented with the C* technique.
I would like to try this again with some other models. Jim and I had
discussed the possibility of trying this with the Princeton and AWI models
since they represent the full range of anthropogenic estimates and these are
two very different types of models. I do not think I would need anything
more that what has already been reported. I just need T, S, TCO2, TA, CFC
and eventually the anthropogenic CO2 concentrations for the anthropogenic,
abiotic run in model year 1995. If all are agreed, I would like to present
this at the JGOFS meeting in Bergen in April so I have a relatively short
time frame. If this works out, I could potentially expand this to also look
at the full biology models and write this up. I would, of course, invite the
appropriate PIs for each of the modeling groups to be coauthors. I welcome
any thoughts or comments.


Dr. Christopher Sabine
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