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DEADLINES for Injection Run(s)

Hello modelers,

Those of you interested in making the Injection runs should pay close 
attention to the following imminent deadlines:

  15 March    -    Final submission date for output from standard run (C1500)
  15 April    -    Analysis completed for C1500
  15 May      -    Manuscript distributed to co-authors
  15 June     -    Manuscript submitted for publication

Note that the 1st deadline is only 1 month from now!

The resulting manuscript which is submitted for publication will also be
presented at the 5th International Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies 
conference, in August.

I would like to hear from GOSAC members who have yet to submit this output.
Also, if you are a non-European group but will be submitting output, I need
to hear from you as well.



On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, James Orr wrote:

> The final version of the Injection-HOWTO (Revision 1.12) is now available
> by the OCMIP web page.

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