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Analysis Projects

Hi everyone,

Previously we've spoken of ways of going beyond some of the general
analysis going on at IPSL. At the recent San Antonio OCMIP meeting there
were volunteers that adopted analysis subprojects.  Here is a partial

  Leader               Analysis Subproject
  -------------        ------------------------------------
  Lindsay/Doney        Circulation (T, S, advection fields)
  Louanchi/Najjar      Biotic run (e.g., new production, O2, PO4 validation)
  Sarmiento            Anthropogenic CO2 vs. bomb C-14
  Gruber               Anthropogenic CO2 vs. CFC's
  Sabine               C* uncertainties
  Key                  Deep-ocean C-14
  Guilderson/Caldeira  C-14 nuclear-era transient (coral + mollusc comparison)

These subprojects are all contributions from U.S. OCMIP.  No
non-U.S. group has mentioned plans to take on any group analysis
effort.  However, non-U.S. groups were hardly represented in San
Antonio. Now is the time for all groups to benefit from our hard labor
during the past 2 years.  Your suggestions for subprojects would be
most welcome.



   James Orr                      
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