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Re: model physics NetCDF template


Thank you for the feedback.

> (1) NET surface Heat and Freshwater fluxes: 
Loosely speaking, I want it all. I want the combined effect of all model
surface flux parameterizations. An example beyond what you mentioned is
fluxes due to ice formation, if the model does that.

For the time-being, I am requesting that all of the terms be combined.
> (2) Mixed layer depth: 
I need to think about this one some more. Suggestions from the rest of
the list are welcome.

> (3) Rotation of velocities (Point 2): 
I am currently changing the code and documentation to have velocity
specified with respect to the model grid. This makes it necessary for the
local velocity direction to be specified. I am adding arguments for this

I am avoiding asking for basin meridional transport so that I can ensure
that the basin definition and transport computations are consistent across

> Part 3
> ------
> (1) item 6 (u,v mask):

Looking at the grid specifications for the tracer grid, I am inferring
that the presence of partial cells is deduced from the bathymetry field.
I'm not sure if this is sufficient for the velocity fields. Any
suggestions from the concerned parties?

Since the velocity grid specifications have grown, I have decided to
separate the grid specification from the model output. There will be a
subroutine for specifying the velocity grids and a separate one for
specifying model output.