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Re: model physics NetCDF template


I have updated the physics template code and documentation to take into
account Jim's suggestions.

Surface flux specifications are the same. We would like the net surface
flux. All terms are to be included.

Mixed layer depth is no longer specified. We will approximate MLD offline
from the monthly temperature and salinity fields. The only other approach
seems to be to provide mld code to modelers and ask them run their models
with it. I feel that the gain in accuracy does not merit the additional
effort and probably delay.

Velocities and wind stresses are specified with respect to the model grid.
The direction of the vector is now part of the grid specification.

The HTML documentation is at the same location as before,

Links to the code, which now consists of three files, are in the

If you have questions about the code or find problems with it, please feel 
free to ask me.


Keith Lindsay         http://www.cgd.ucar.edu/oce/klindsay/klindsay.html
email: klindsay@cgd.ucar.edu    phone: 303-497-1722    fax: 303-497-1700